Support the community


The issues 

No business exists in isolation. Thriving communities can benefit bakeries, patisseries and restaurants. They can also sustain the vulnerable, regenerate regions and create economic prosperity. Consumers also increasingly expect businesses to do more than just make a profit. There’s therefore a role for chefs and business owners to use their skills and ability to connect with people to help change lives for the better.  

Why it matters

Connecting kitchens to the community can increase customer loyalty, staff loyalty and make the food taste even sweeter. It’s a recipe for a sustainable and successful business. Being a positive influence on your local community often leads to social, economic and environmental benefits, for example enabling better recycling services by banding together with others who need collections. A cafe, restaurant or shop can be the beating heart of any community. Donating time, space, or money, can enhance a business’s positive impact on their neighborhood. 

Top tips to support the community

  • Join and attend local business or community groups to understand the needs of the community and how you can help 

Get inspired by our contributors


For me, the values of craftsmanship, work, and rewarding people fairly for their work, are really important. This applies to all our products - from our porcelain and terracotta to our carpenter. We invest in our local economy.

Head Pastry Chef
Cheval Blanc Paris
Paris, France

Patrice DEMERS

Patrice Demers has been closely involved with the Canadian charity La Tablée des Chefs right from its inception. The chef supports the charity in a wide variety of ways, from fundraising through hosting cooking workshops, to employing apprentices from La Tablée to provide young people leaving formal education with work experience and a certification and to donating unsold products. A great example of the variety of support that any business can provide to local organizations or charities.  

Patrice DEMERS
Pastry Chef & Owner
Patrice Pâtissier
Montreal, Canada