Laurian Veaudour

Owner of Cocorico Patisserie - Cardiff



Laurian Veaudour is the owner of Cocorico Patisserie in Cardiff where you can find delicious and impressive creations made by the Chef and his team. 
Congratulations from all Valrhona team! Let’s find out more about this exceptional adventure with Laurian’s interview.

1-Tell us more about your Bake Off experience?
My experience of "The Bake Off: The Professionals" was amazing, especially because we won! But most of it, it's an opportunity to see how far you can push yourself, how creative you can get within the brief. You get some lows but this adrenaline you get during the challenge makes you feel alive and I think as chefs we are always looking to get that pressure and excitment. And let's not forget the friendship you make as we are all in the same situation with the same passion and thrive. 

2-What was for you the most difficult challenge?
I would say the hardest challenge we faced was at week three with the skyline of Sidney, we tried to push our limits that little bit too far and planned so many technics in the chocolate showpiece that we could have crumbled towards the end and also probably a bit too innovative on recipes.

3-What advices can you give to the 2021 edition coming? 
My advice for the people who have applied is to stay true to what they want to do during the competition, try not to be over ambitious as this could be your downfall but most importantly make new friendships as it's a great experience!

4-Do you already have more frequentation in your shop after you won Bake Off 2020 ?
The shop is really busy since appearing on the Bake Off. My whole team has been brilliant through that increase.