Tain l’Hermitage

David Briand

Executive pastry chef, French craftsperson of the year 2019



After completing a “BEP” in Baking in 2004, David moved on to do a Pastry BEP, where he discovered his passion and vocation.

He then did a “BTM” diploma to improve his understanding of the subject. Once he had got his qualification, he opted to find out how they do things south of the border.  

In Barcelona, he joined the prestigious team around Spanish Master Craftsman-winning Oriol Balaguer, gaining some solid experience in the process.

He also gained a new perspective on pastry-making. After six years (two as Executive Chef), he decided to share his knowledge by joining L’École Valrhona as a Pastry Chef Instructor in 2014.  

A member of the French team which made the final at the Mondial des Arts Sucrés in 2016, David was named a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2019. 

Some of his creations