Yuzu-Strawberry DÉLICIEUSE

Made with Pâte d'amandes de Provence 50% - 3211

For 20 Dune délicieuses molds (Atelier Création)

2 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Light Yuzu Almond Paste

300g yuzu juice

Heat the yuzu juice. In a freestanding mixer with a paddle attachment, gradually add the Almond Paste and then the cocoa butter melted to 45 / 50°C. As soon as the mixture is smooth, set aside in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Once chilled and set, beat in the mixer until light in both texture and color. 120 g per délicieuse.

Strawberry Pate De Fruit

285g strawberry pulp
275g mara wild strawberry pulp
50g caster sugar
12g yellow pectin
450g caster sugar
30g glucose
8g citric acid solution

Heat the strawberry pulps to 40°C. Stirring constantly, add the smaller quantity of sugar with the yellow pectin. Bring to the boil and then add the remaining caster sugar. Bring to the boil once again and then add the glucose. Heat until it measures 73° brix on a refractometer. Once cooked, add the citric acid and immediately pour into a frame. When cold, process slowly in a food processor to obtain a smooth texture that can be piped. Fill the délicieuses using a piping bag. 50 g per délicieuse.

Assembly and finishing

Use some tempered white chocolate to mold the délicieuses. Turn them upside-down and leave the excess chocolate to drain for a moment, level, and then leave to set. Trim and leave to set again at 17°C. Fill a piping bag without a nozzle with whipped Almond Paste and another piping bag without a nozzle filled with Strawberry Pâte de Fruit, and create a marbled effect by filling the délicieuses firstly with 25 g Pâte de Fruit and then 60 g of Almond Paste, then repeat the operation.
Seal the bars firstly with some tempered chocolate, smoothing over using a spatula. Leave to set slightly. Then use a piping bag to place a little tempered chocolate at the end of the mold. Immediately place a silicone sheet over the top, and hold in place with the mold. Take a triangular spatula and smooth over a second time, dragging the chocolate through the silicone sheet, pressing firmly. Leave to set before removing the silicone sheet. Once unmolded, use a piping bag with a 6mm nozzle to pipe 15 g of Strawberry Pâte de Fruit randomly on top of the délicieuse. Sprinkle caster sugar over the Pâte de Fruit, removing the excess. Tip
For Valentine’s Day : Stick some sugared rose petals on the délicieuse.
For New Year’s Eve : Write the date of the new year in Strawberry Pâte de Fruits. Give free rein to your imagination