Made with Raspberry Inspiration

An original recipe by L’École Valrhona

0 steps

Makes 36 choux buns

Assembly and finishing

Make the namelaka, whipped ganache and raspberry confit.
Use the pre-crystallized Raspberry Inspiration to make thin rounds with diameters of 5cm and 2cm between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. Leave to harden.
Make the choux pastry, pipe out balls of approx. 18g for the large choux and approx. 4g for the small ones, then sprinkle with sugar crystals and bake.
Use a bread knife to make a flat cut on the top of the choux.
Fill the large choux buns via their bottom – Use 25 to 30g of vanilla namelaka, and finish off with approx. 5g of raspberry confit.
Whip up the Opalys vanilla whipped ganache.
Use a piping bag with a 10mm nozzle to stick a 5cm-diameter round onto the choux bun and pipe 5 buns with approx. 5g of whipped ganache.
Put a small round of Raspberry Inspiration on each one of the choux buns.
Fill the small choux buns with the remaining whipped ganache (approx. 4g) and place them on the piped assembly.