Pop Fresh

Made with Amande 60% - 2260

Recipe made for about 20 desserts

8 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Xocomeli Dacquoise

190g egg whites
70g caster sugar
7g egg white powder
135g icing sugar
115g almond meal
40g cake flour

Sieve the flour with the almond meal and icing sugar. Combine the egg white powder with the caster sugar. Whip the egg whites on second speed adding the caster sugar mixture quickly in order to get a smooth textured meringue. Place the Xocomeli chocolate pearls in a piping bag and crush them to pieces with a rolling pin. Fold the sieved powders delicately in the meringue followed by the crushed Xocomeli. Spread on trays and bake at 190°C in convection oven for about 11 minutes or at 200°C in deck oven. 600 g/ 24x34cm tray.

Praliné Cremeux

60g whipping cream
5g gelatine
210g whipping cream

Soak the gelatine a large volume of cold water. Heat the 60g of cream and stir the softened and soaked gelatine in. Place the praliné in a kitchen mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, pour about a quarter of the hot cream in. The texture will split. Emulsify on medium speed. Stabilise the emulsion, pouring the remaining cream gradually in, in order to get a smooth, elastic and shiny texture, sign of a well started emulsion. Set aside in the refrigerator. 30 g/dessert.

Green Apple Marshmallow

300g caster sugar
180g green apple pulp
50g passion fruit pulp
105g inverted sugar
28g gelatine powder
150g inverted sugar
5g Manzana apple liquor

Combine the water and gelatine powder together making sure the total weight is 85g. Cook the 300g of sugar with the 105g of inverted sugar and 80g of the thawed fruit pulps to 110°C. Place the 150g of inverted sugar with the remaining 150g of fruit pulps in a kitchen mixer’s bowl and pour the cooked syrup over. Melt the gelatine in microwave and pour over the hot sugar syrups. Whip the lot to ribbon stage. When the marshmallow is lukewarm and slightly runny, stir the liquor in and immediately pour the mixture onto a 10mm high confectioner frame sat on a greased silicon mat. Smooth over with a Raplette sponge spreader and top with a second greased silicon mat. Leave to set at room temperature for few hours. Once set, cut the marshmallow into little cylinders using a plain piping nozzle. Immediately roll the marshmallows cylinders in acidulous coloured sugar. Store in airtight containers.

Acidulous Coloured Sugar

crystal sugar
yellow and green food colouring
citric acid solution

Place the crystal sugar in a deep tray, pour couple of drops of food colouring and citric acid solution. Friction the sugar with a whisk or by hand making sure to blend the lot uniformly. Leave this sugar to dry out at room temperature. The amount of colours and citric acid will vary according to the wanted intensity of colour and acidity.

Green Apple Brunoise Cubes

500g Granny Smith apple

Wash and dice the apples into small cubes without peeling them. Add few drops of lemon to avoid oxidation and stir a little bit of Absolu Cristal glaze to glaze them. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Green Apple Sorbet

500g green apple juice
10g lemon juice
150g caster sugar
140g water
40g atomised glucose
5g stabiliser 64S Sévarome

Heat the water to 40°C and stir the atomised glucose in. Combine the stabiliser to the caster sugar and add to the water. Bring the lot to the boil. Wash and cut the apples into quarters. Process in juice extractor and place the juice immediately in the freezer so it can keep its colour. Process the apple juice and syrup with a stick blender and churn. Mould into 10 to 12 mm high frame and set aside in the freezer. 30 g/serve.

Opaline Ring

225g white fondant
150g glucose

Cook the fondant and glucose to 155/160°C. Pour onto a silicon mat and leave to cool. Crush into thin powder and keep in airtight containers. Sprinkle the powder on a silicon mat over a 45x200mm rectangle template. Sprinkle green coloured crystal sugar and bake at 140/150°C until melted. As soon as the sugar powder is melted and shiny, remove from oven and roll around a oval mould with the coloured crystal sugar side out. Keep in airtight containers.

Green Apple Sauce

300g Granny Smith apple juice
2g Xanthan gum
5g lemon

Combine all ingredients together and set aside in the refrigerator. 20 g/serve.

Assembly and finishing

Cut the Dacquoise into 5cm a side square with the square mould. Cut the sorbet tray into 65x30mm rectangle portions. Pipe tubes of praliné cremeux next to each other using a pastry bag fitted with plain nozzle on the Dacquoise squares all lined up. Cut the squares apart with a hot knife in order to get neat edges. Set aside in the refrigerator. When ready to serve, spoon a little bit of apple Brunoise cubes on the sorbet rectangle, delicately place the Opaline ring on the praliné cremeux and carefully slide the sorbet rectangle through the Opaline ring (see picture). Decorate with few little cylinders of marshmallows on the apple Brunoise cubes and spoon one dash of apple sauce on the plate.