Pecan Promises

Made with Pecan 50%

An original recipe from Christophe Domange

5 steps

Makes 48 desserts

Recipe Step by Step


Pecan Praliné Crémeux

155g whole milk
9g gelatin
545g whipping cream 35% fat

Heat the milk and add the rehydrated gelatin. Pour a little of this mixture onto the praliné. The mixture will split. Emulsify in a freestanding mixer with a paddle attachment. Stabilize this emulsion by gradually adding the cold cream until the texture is elastic and glossy, signifying the emulsification process is underway. Blend to perfect the emulsion. Use immediately or leave to set in the refrigerator.

Microwaved Apple Compote

530g Golden Delicious apples
530g Granny Smith apples
105g maple syrup
4g lemon zests
8g pectin NH
220g brunoise of Granny Smith apples

Peel and cube the apples, and place them in a bowl with the maple syrup and lemon zests. Tightly cover the bowl with food wrap and place in the microwave on full power for 4-5 minutes. When the apples are cooked, blend and then pour into a saucepan. Add the sugar/pectin mixture and boil for a few minutes and remove from the heat. Once cool, add the brunoise of Granny Smith and set aside.

Sweet And Salty Candied Pecans

175g pecan nuts
90g sugar
35g water
5g fleur de sel

Roast the pecan nuts at 150°C (302°F) for 12-15 minutes. Cook the sugar and water to 115°C (239°F). Add the pecans and fleur de sel to the cooked sugar. Caramelize and leave to cool on a baking sheet.

Almond Cream

340g dry butter
340g icing sugar
340g minced almonds
35g potato starch
185g whole eggs

Cream the butter without over-whipping, then add the icing sugar, starch, and almonds. Gradually incorporate the eggs. Set the mixture aside in the refrigerator or use immediately.

Maple Sauce

100g maple syrup

Blend the maple syrup with the Absolu Cristal. Set aside.

Assembly and finishing

Place around 2g of Sweet and Salty Candied Pecans at the bottom of some 3cm half-sphere molds.
Pipe 5g of Almond Cream on top. Bake at 185°C (365°F) for around 8 minutes.
Unmold and set aside for assembly.
Arrange some Apple Compote on the plate.
Use a piping bag with a 14mm nozzle to make four droplets of Pecan Praliné Crémeux on four half-spheres of Almond Cream and arrange them harmoniously on the Apple Compote.
Pipe a fifth ball of Pecan Praliné Crémeux on the plate and add a half-sphere of Almond Cream.
Sprinkle with a few shards of Sweet and Salty Candied Pecans and finish with a slick of Maple Sauce.