Glagla Ice Cream Bar

Made with Raspberry Inspiration

An original recipe by L’École Valrhona

2 steps

Makes 100 bars

Recipe Step by Step


Coconut Sorbet

2100g Mineral water
420g Caster sugar
525g Atomized glucose
105g Inverted sugar
6g Carob gum
6g Guar gum
2630g Coconut pulp

Heat the water. Once it is at 85°F (30°C), add the sugars (sugar, atomized glucose and inverted sugar). At 115°F (45°C), add the stabilizers mixed with about 10% of the first portion of sugar. Pasteurize at 185°F (85°C) for 2 minutes then quickly cool the mixture to 40°F (4°C). Mix the syrup and fruit pulp first by hand and then in an electric mixer. Leave the mixture to sit for at least 4 hours. Mix in an electric mixer and churn at between 15-20°F (-6°C to -10°C). Store in the freezer at 0°F (-18°C).

Inspiration Frosting

360g Grape seed oil

Mix the melted couverture with the oil. Use at 85-95°F (30-35°C).* STRAWBERRY : 1800g STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION (15391) * PASSIONFRUIT : 1800g PASSIONFRUIT INSPIRATION (15390) * RASPBERRY : 1800g RASPBERRY INSPIRATION (19999) * YUZU: 1800g YUZU INSPIRATION (19998)

Assembly and finishing

Prepare the sorbet.
Fill the molds, smooth the sorbet and freeze.
Turn out the sorbets and dip them in the frosting mix at approximately 90°F (32°C). Sprinkle them with a pre-prepared mixture of grated coconut and silver sparkling powder (product ref. 13922).
Store at a temperature of 65°F (-18°C).
Serve at 5°F (-14°C).
You can create a marble effect in the bars’ middles using strawberry, passionfruit, yuzu or raspberry sorbet.