Extra Chocolate Layer Cake Replication

Made with Caraïbe 66%

An original recipe by Rémi Montagne

2 steps

Makes one large ;cake, or ;twenty-four small cakes

Recipe Step by Step


Extra Noir Sponge

840g 4664 EXTRA NOIR 53%
400g European butter
800g Egg whites
440g Sugar
400g Egg yolks
140g White pastry flour

Melt the EXTRA NOIR 53% Couverture with the butter, and at the same time beat the egg whites with the sugar. Add the yolks to the hot butter and chocolate mixture at 120-130°F (50-55°C). Incorporate the beaten egg whites, then add the sifted flour.

Caraïbe Ganache

820g Whipping cream
170g Glucose
170g Invert sugar
1140g CARAIBE 66%
190g European butter

Heat the cream, glucose and invert sugar together. Slowly pour the hot mixture over the melted CARAÏBE 66% Couverture. Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion. Once you have finished mixing, add the butter which you have cut into pieces at a temperature of 95-104°F (35-40°C). Mix again.

Assembly and finishing

Make the EXTRA NOIR 53%