Crêpe Prali-Suzette

Made with Noisette 55% - 11309

An original recipe from Christophe Domange

4 steps

Makes 20 desserts

Recipe Step by Step


Prali-Suzette Sauce

985g Orange Juice Caramel

Emulsify the cold Orange Juice Caramel with the Almond Praliné. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Candied Orange Zests

1g sugar
3g orange juice

Wash the oranges and remove the zest, taking care not to cut away any pith. Trim the zests into julienne strips. Blanche them three times by placing them in cold water and bringing them to the boil. Place the blanched zests in a small pan, add 25g sugar and the orange juice and bring slowly to simmering point before chilling. Repeat twice.

Hazelnut Praliné Crêpe Batter

415g all-purpose flour
330g whole eggs
2g salt
865g whole milk
17g prune kernel oil
8g orange zests

Pour around a third of the milk onto the praliné and whisk until glossy and elastic, signifying the emulsion process is underway. Add the remaining milk and blend. Mix the flour with the salt and add the eggs, whisking vigorously. Add the milk and praliné mixture, oil and orange zest. Leave to rest for a minimum of one hour before cooking.

Orange Juice Caramel

810g orange juice
15g orange zests
160g sugar

Make a dry caramel. Stop the cooking with the orange juice and add the zests. Bring to the boil and cook for two minutes. Leave to cool, and set aside in the refrigerator. Strain before using.

Assembly and finishing

Place around 30g HAZELNUT Praliné Crêpe Batter in a frying pan and cook for two minutes. Turn over the crêpe and cook for a further two minutes. Set aside on a baking sheet, covered with food wrap. To serve, place a 15g spiral of Prali-Suzette Sauce on each of three crêpes and fold them into triangles. Heat a pan, add 65g Prali-Suzette Sauce and then the crêpes and drizzle with the hot sauce. Arrange the three crêpes on a rectangular plate, drizzle with sauce and then place a segment of orange and a few Candied Orange Zests on top of each one.