Chocolate Kouing Amann

Made with Dark chocolate crunchy pearls 55% - 3kg bag - 4719

Recipe made for about 15 pieces of Ø10 cm

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Recipe Step by Step


Chocolate Kouing Amann

300g Croissant dough
300g Brioche dough
250g Butter 84%
250g Sugar

Mix the butter and sugar together in a kitchen mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Roll out to a square and chill down. Roll out the croissant dough then, the brioche dough. Stack up the two doughs, place the butter square on top and give a double turn first followed by a single one.

Assembly and finishing

Roll out to 4 mm thick into a rectangle of 30cm wide by 50 cm long (do not allow the dough to rest between turns and roll out). Spread out the chocolate pearls all over the surface and roll like raisins snails lengthwise. Cut out the roll into 3 cm thick slices which is about 90 g and put in silicon Ø10 cm disc moulds and bake immediately at 170°C for about 25 minutes. Allow to cool down and remove from the moulds.