The art of Banqueting

"Discerning Standards, Professionalism and Inventiveness" are for Valrhona the very essence of the profession of reception organizer-caterer. This type of work is one of unceasing renewal, requiring continuous efforts to go above and beyond, as well as consistently proposing the best products and new creations, all in strict compliance with budgetary allocations.

Now more than ever, it is our utmost desire to support you in your projects and play a part in your receptions, so they are and always will be exceptional occasions. Our broad range of products are suited to all requirement in terms of tastes, ease of use, and value for money.

Working collaboratively and proposing new creations are key aspects of your vocation. Because of that, Valrhona wanted the Écoles of Tain and Brooklyn, New York to work in partnership to develop recipes especially suited for receptions and banquets.
We wanted to open the doors of possibility with recipes adapted to the myriad situations of your profession, as well as a selection of tips and important points that form the basis of your discerning craft.

Banquets : know how to amaze, create, adapt

Banquets are also opportunities for taste exploration and discovery.
In advance, explore some new flavors, textures, and consumer trends that you can highlight at your banquets.

  • Go green
    With ever increasing consumer awareness of personal health, we are seeing more and more gourmet recipes made with matcha, be it smoothies or sweets ...
  • Up in smoke
    Chefs have developed new techniques for adding a wonderful smoked flavor to recipes, whether it be vegetables, cheeses, meats and even cocktails!
  • Go local!
    It's been a long time coming, but local producers are now starting to have the support they've been wanting.
    For your banquets, maximize the use of ingredients from your local region.
  • Awaken your taste buds
    Bitterness, acidity or a combination of both. Customers are now developing a taste for novel flavors to satisfy their
    Cravings, ever increasing, for new taste sensations.

Top 4 -sweet trends

Créez et mettez en scène vos desserts !
1.    Mini dessert et bouchée : Le sucré en miniature, la gourmandise déculpabilisée par ces mini portions.
2.    Desserts salés : Mariage du sucré et du salé avec des ingrédients comme le sel de mer, le bacon ou les légumes...
3.    Combos : Combinaison de plusieurs desserts (trilogie de verrine par exemple).
4.    Classiques destructurés : Dessert traditionnel décomposé ou servi autrement.

The golden rules of banqueting

  • Always seek innovation, pursue the quest for novelty to stay in the race.
  • Be a skilled manager, find the balance between service quality and profitability.
  • Have a sense of contact and organization, customer focus, friendly service, discretion, common sense.
  • Know what you are able to offer. When working on the menu with your clients, suggest and select dishes that you've already made and know will be feasible and suitable for the particular conditions.
  • Have a positive attitude ("say yes"). Give honest and realistic input when guiding the client.
  • Be an artisan-creator of unforgettable events. Know how to customize and personalize.

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