Read on to discover our selection of gourmet summer raspberry recipes, dreamed up by the pastry chefs at L'École Valrhona.


Raspberries, the stars of summer days! 

Sensual and fleshy, raspberries have a fragrant and sweet flavor, and bring sweet and tangy notes to your desserts. Particularly popular in summer, the fruit is included in many recipes during the summer season. 

This month, pastry chef David Briand show off his Tacos Rojo recipe, a dessert that takes us on a visual and gustatory journey inspired by Mexican culture. It combines Amatika 46% vegan chocolate with Mecker raspberries and takes on the emblematic form of a taco. 

Would you like to offer several raspberry desserts in your store? Discover our selection of seasonal recipesthat will surprise your customers and liven up your store front. Flavors - A spotlight on raspberries

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