Renew your classics by making delicious pies with bold shapes, tastes and textures for a result as surprising as it is delicious.


Round or square, small enough for one or big enough to share, with strawberries, chocolate or caramel, tarts are an unbeatable classic of French gastronomy. They are stars come snack time or to finish off a meal with the family. They offer a simple, delicious treat that evokes past times and frees our imagination. Along with macarons, eclairs and choux pastry, they are a key trend right now!

As ever, Valrhona’s ambition is to inspire you with recipes that ally modernity with tradition, to encourage you to play with different shapes, flavors and textures, and to assist you as you showcase your expertise in your stores.

Tarts step into the limelight

There is a new wind blowing and pastry classics are being reinvented in audacious new colors, shapes and textures. Today’s tarts are playful, surprising and inventive. Give in to temptation!

Play with shapes - Whoever said a tart had to be round? From rectangles and squares to triangles, ovals and eclairs, playing with shapes has never been more fun!

Give the classics a new twist - Sometimes a little change makes all the difference: An unpredictable mix of flavors, an enticing presentation or a playful shape are just some of the ways you can be sure of reinvigorating a classic.

Supersize or minimize - Traditionally, tarts symbolize sharing and conviviality. But why not imagine a tart for two, a supersize tart to share between a whole group or even mini-tartlets? There's a size for every occasion when you need a touch of sweetness!
A single recipe can be used for tarts, tartlets and amuse-bouche to delight gourmet diners whatever the occasion.

Add some rhythm - Follow the rhythm of the seasons and you can offer new creations on a regular basis. Each and every creation is the chance to play with your palette of seasonally inspired colors and flavors.

Break the mold - You can make tarts in original formats – why not a tart in a glass, for instance?

Mix and match - Mix up fruit and chocolate to create unexpected harmonies and invent delightful new pleasures.

Unveil your surprise - Vary textures with shortcrust, pie-crust or puff pastry. Add a little extra je ne sais quoi to your pastry to create unexpected textures! You can jazz up your pastry with spices, oat bran, cocoa nibs or even crunchy pearls.

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