L’École Valrhona’s chefs have made our approach their own by selecting our Pure Single Origins. Their original, festive recipes are whisking us off on a voyage to the heart of the cocoa plantation.


Christmas is a byword for fun and festivities, making it a real channel for values such as sharing and generosity. At a time of year when chocolate is always on the menu, we want to highlight our LIVE LONG COCOA commitments to a more sustainable cocoa industry.


Valrhona’s pure origin chocolates come in intensely characteristic flavors that capture the essence of their home country. 

For years now, Valrhona’s sourcing team has travelled the world exploring countries’ different plantations. 

It is thanks to these travels that we are able to select cocoas from plantations with great aromatic potential. Valrhona’s combination of expert cocoa knowledge and real mastery of flavors means that we can offer you an endlessly varied and surprising aromatic palette.

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