Valrhona has been working alongside artisan bakers-pastry chefs since 1922.
And now we are making our way into your shop to reveal and showcase the best.

The key strategy is to organize your product lines into four «consumption times», to create reference points for consumers and thus drive sales throughout the day.

A selection of tips organized around the four key consumption times provides four great opportunities to boost your sales.

Tips for lunch

Feature your lunch menus: Provide a special meal-deal price for a main dish, drink, and dessert to take away.
Highlight the gourmet indulgence of a product: Place signs on your counters to entice customers to try.
Focus on practical and attractive packaging: turn all your pastries into takeaway desserts that are easy-to-carry and ready-to-eat. Enhance your mobile dinner offer with attractive packaging: Use stylish and customized paper bags which are economical, easy to store and eco-friendly!
Expand on «consumption times» and make the most of the ready-to-go takeaway trend: Create signs or posters highlighting special offers and menus to guide and entice customers.

Tips for snack-time

Offer a variety of fruit and chocolate combinations to enrich your range of snack-time treats: Chocolate-pistachio, chocolate-orange, chocolate-blackcurrant ... anything goes!
Propose indulgent and balanced gourmet options:Post signs with your snack deals so customers can try them.
Elevate the image of snack-time by offering mobile-friendly packaging: Put your personalized labels on your usual packaging options to add customized flair.
Vary the pleasures and create a collection of Tartlets: Show the diversity of suggested recipes with color coding on your labels.
Showcase your recipes in suitable containers and on the right displays: Candy jars, raised cake stands, and varying levels.
Adapt the presentation to each recipe.

Take-away tips

Gourmet snacking has never been so hot! Expand your product ranges to boost sales.
Invite into gourmet indulgence and stimulate impulse buys: Position your snack treats at the cash desk along with your fine chocolates.
Encourage your customers to indulge in small take-away pleasures with a variety of individual sachets and various «bite-sized» treats to stimulate additional sales.
Diversify your snack product range with our ready-to-sell bite-sized treats and chocolate bonbons.

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