All the trends of the moment at tea time: English pastries, brunch and cold buffet for a chic and successful English style tea party.


Chocolate Afternoon Tea: Pastries for an Afternoon Brunch

Afternoon Tea is a genuine institution, a great tradition and the latest essential trend, but above all that, it presents hotels and tearooms with a real opportunity: You simply must add this chic, gourmet snack time to your menu.

Valrhona is using all its chocolate expertise to revisit this English tradition via gourmet, creative, all-chocolate recipes.


The fascinating history of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea was first devised in 18th century London’s chicest boroughs when the Duchess of Bedford took up the habit of enjoying a meal before dinner in her private chamber alongside her lady friends.

If it’s good enough for the duchess, it’s good enough for your customers

Gourmet snack time is not just ideal for afternoon breaks – It has become a key trend you need to take on.
Dedicate a table to it and customers will be able to pick and choose from classic nibbles of the genre, such as scones, clotted cream, jellies, finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries of every kind. This snack time feast should always be served with traditional English-style tea and, for a luxurious touch of glamour, a glass of champagne…

An Ideal Afternoon Tea For 2 People:

If you want to come up scratch with customers used to refined occasions, you can create your own vision of what luxury and sophistication should be.
Here are the traditional Afternoon Tea staples – Feel free to vary them to suit your clientèle, your brand identity and your own creativity.

  • 6 to 8 pastries
  • 2 to 4  bakery items - scones, cakes and mini gateaux
  • 4 to 8 sandwiches  - Cucumber, cress, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon with cream cheese, and so on
  • Drinks: Tea and champagne

Not just a trend – an opportunity

Afternoon Tea is your way of standing out from your competitors.
It can really stimulate your turnover and bolster your reputation.
It is also the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and show off your pastries or signature drinks at their best.

A new gourmet moment in the day:

Turn the slow part of the afternoon into a delicious snack time and become part of the growing trendfor all things British.

An opportunity to increase average number of sales per customer

A chance to win over new customers 

Even though Afternoon Tea is associated with luxury living, there are ways you can make it accessible to your customers and give a whole new clientèle the chance to experience the refinement and luxuriance offered by the grandest hotels.

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