Cuvées and Grand Crus

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Valrhona selects the finest cocoa beans and constantly develops its chocolate expertise so that it can offer exceptional, unique chocolates.

First, the cocoa beans are carefully selected by our sourcing staff for their exceptional aromatics. Cocoa beans develop all their aromatic complexity during certain key stages in the making process before being precisely blended to create unique chocolates with superlative flavors.


Our Cuvées give us the chance to showcase new terroirs with unique histories. They include new sources, rare cocoas and exceptional ingredients. Every new origin starts with making new acquaintances and exploring a new culture. Cuvées usually present us with the opportunity to sign a long-term partnership with producers.

Blended Grand Crus

Thanks to its cocoa bank, Valrhona composes chocolates of inimitable, constant flavor. This is the result of the way they blend luxury cocoas of different varieties and origins, which have been selected for their complementary aromatic potential.

Valrhona is committed to preserving (and checking) the aromatic characteristics of the cocoa it receives. Each batch of cocoa can have a different aromatic profile depending on the terroir, climate and so on. A classic aromatic profile is a set of sensory descriptors (flavors, aromas and textures) which typify a batch of cocoa. Valrhona has identified twelve benchmark aromatic cocoa profiles. These profiles serve as precise recipes that help to create and enhance each blended chocolate’s aromatics.

Single Origin Grand Crus

Each Single Origin chocolate is made using cocoa from just one part of an individual country.

Valrhona’s sourcing team scour the planet to get to know each nation’s different plantations, examining the terrain, soil and climate which have such an influence on the cocoa they produce.

This means Valrhona is able to select cocoas from the best plantations where nature is able to thrive and people are cultivating their own unique expertise, harvesting, fermenting and drying the beans themselves.

This cocoa is a reflection of its unique terroir, the aromatic specificities of which give us the chance to develop new flavors and combinations.

Single Plantation Grand Cru Chocolates

These chocolates are characterized by being exclusively made from beans which come solely and purely from a single plantation.