Blond - Dulcey & Orelys chocolate

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Chocolate’s fourth color, Blond Dulcey was invented by Frédéric Bau, Valrhona’s famous pastry chef and chocolatier. Blond Orelys recently completed the range. Immerse yourself in a world of mellow flavor and explore blond-colored chocolate’s origins and applications.

What is Blond Dulcey chocolate?

Blond is a white chocolate with a golden blond color! More indulgent than other white chocolates, creamier than milk chocolate and mellower than dark chocolate, Valrhona’s BlondDulcey delights people of all ages.

This chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Its biscuit taste and voluptuous character are particularly well-loved.

chocolat de couleur blonde valrhona

Where does Dulcey chocolate come from?

Dulcey chocolate has a very unusual history, since its invention came about thanks to a happy coincidence. Frédéric Bau is the man behind Blond Dulcey chocolate. The famous pastry chef (now Experimental Pastry Chef at Valrhona) was in Japan for a chocolate trade fair.

As the event was happening, he let his white chocolate melt in a bain-marie for a little too long. The result was astonishing: the chocolate had taken on a beautiful blond hue, and from it wafted a delicate aroma of toasted shortbread and caramelized milk. Frédéric Bau had discovered a fourth color for chocolate.

It would take Valrhona eight years of research and development from that moment of lucky happenstance to develop the Dulcey recipe we know today. Today, the recipe for Blond Dulcey chocolate has been perfected and this chocolate has appeared in all kinds of products, including drops (or fèves, as we call them at Valrhona), bars, sticks, croustibilles, desserts and so on.

Blond Orelys chocolate with its biscuit notes and delicate licorice aromas has since been added to the Blond range.

Blond recipes

Blond Dulcey chocolate can be used in classic recipes as a replacement for dark chocolate to make products even more indulgent. Its biscuity, buttery and caramelized taste will add a touch of mellow creaminess to your recipes.

For example, why not try a daringly original and delicious Dulcey chocolate mousse? Its appearance and unmistakable biscuit-inflected flavor are an unfailing delight for the eyes and taste buds.

Blond Orelys chocolate made with Mauritian muscovado sugar brings with it a delicate licorice note.

Blond-colored chocolate’s most frequent uses

In pâtisserie, chefs use Blond Dulcey or Orelys chocolate to make all kinds of crémeux and ganaches. As a white chocolate, Dulcey is perfectly suited to coating and molding your desserts, including bonbons, truffles, confectionery, Yule logs and ice cream.

Its unique appearance and flavors help pastry and chocolate chefs to express all their creativity by making desserts with an inimitable look.

What do Blond-colored chocolates taste like?

The palate detects subtle notes of shortbread biscuit with hints of caramel when tasting Blond Dulcey chocolate. Whether it is eaten as it is or in pastries, its blond color evokes a sweetness which is reflected as soon as it mingles on the palate. Its very creamy texture is ideal for adding an indulgent touch to your desserts.

Like Dulcey, Orelys has biscuity notes and a creamy texture. It owes its special character to muscovado sugar. This unrefined cane sugar from Mauritius has a high molasses content which gives Orelys its licorice flavor and its unique color.