Our Responsible Policies

Responsible policies are also essential to meeting our commitments. This is why we have placed environmental and societal issues, as well as the transparency and traceability of our products, at the heart of our strategy.

Child Labor Policy

Child labor is a major problem facing the entire cocoa and chocolate sector. It is our belief that action must be collective if is to have the greatest impact, which is why we have joined the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI). This foundation dedicated to protecting children in cocoa-growing communities works to secure a better future for children and their families. Learn more about the practical action we have undertaken to fight against child labor in our 2021 Declaration on Combating Child Labor.


Our Responsible Purchasing Charter

We’ve made a mutual commitment with our suppliers by signing the Responsible Purchasing Charter.

This charter describes the commitments that we expect from all of our suppliers in terms of labor rights, ethics, environmental protection, risk management and food safety.

Valrhona.com-Sustainable Politics-Purchaising Charter

Our commitment to forests

We are committed to protecting the forests in the 16 countries where we source cocoa through our Forests and Agroforestry policy.

It is thanks to this commitment that we are members of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative, and that we also carry out numerous projects around the world to develop a more sustainable farming model.

Our CSR reports

For several years now, we have been analyzing our results in the field through our Live Long Valrhona CSR reports.

These performance reports help us to measure our impact on the various drivers of our long-term strategy, how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

It is also in the interest of transparency that we publish these activity reports each year, which you can download from our Press area.