Grands crus Blend Komuntu 80% - the 100 Year Anniversary chocolate

Like a travel diary with multiple destinations, Komuntu tells the story of flavors and meetings of the world through its cocoa blends, revealing a strong, bittersweet and woody aroma with underlying notes of roasted cocoa nibs.

Flavor Profile Bitter

Secondary Notes Woody

Hint of Roasted cocoa nibs

Product Information komuntu

Born from an original creation process, Komuntu 80% embodies the strength of collective work. It is the result of the involvement of the entire Valrhona value chain: cocoa partners, suppliers, employees and customers, all of whom have contributed to creating Komuntu 80%, the embodiment of 100 years of commitment.

KOMUNTU is a contraction of “Komunumo”, which means “community” in Esperanto, and “Ubuntu”, an African concept that means “I am because we are”. Such is the link which unites these 100 people.

A unique aromatic profile

Komuntu 80% alone embodies all the expertise of Valrhona’s cocoa sourcers and blending expertise. Made from a complex blend of cocoa beans sourced from all over the world, its aromatic profile strikes a true balance between powerful cocoa and harmonious flavors, complementing the existing range of Valrhona couvertures perfectly.

Because our whole supply chain has helped create its flavor, it tells the story of all the people we have met around the world. A chocolate with a high cocoa percentage of 80%, whose aromatic profile reveals a powerful woody and bitter taste on the palate, supported by notes of roasted cocoa nibs.

A responsible chocolate

Because Komuntu is the physical embodiment of our commitment to a fair, sustainable chocolate sector and creative, responsible gastronomy, during our 100th anniversary year we are redistributing all the profits made to cocoa producers. 


Optimal Application

Cream mix & Ganache – Mousse

Recommended Applications



Berry vinegarBitter almondsBlack cherryChai teaRed fruitsAmber or triple AleButterscotch

% of main ingredient

80% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla.

Packaging Format

Komuntu 80% - 3kg bean bag - 48579
Komuntu valrhona
Komuntu valrhona
Komuntu valrhona