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Iced Passion Fruit Inspiration Mousse

Made with Cooking Range Inspiration Passionfruit

An original recipe by l’École Gourmet Valrhona

1 step

Makes two 500g pots

Recipe Step by Step



90g Egg whites

120g Caster sugar

30g Acacia honey

225g Passion fruit purée

225g Mango purée

4g Gelatine powder

20g Water


250g Whipping cream 35%

Make a Swiss meringue by heating the egg whites, sugar and acacia honey to 55°C, then beat in a blender until completely cool.
Heat the fruit purées and add in the hydrated gelatine.
Combine the mixture a little bit at a time with the melted PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION. Mix using an immersion blender to form a perfect emulsion.
Beat the cream until it has a frothy, light texture.
Mix together the ganache and Swiss meringue, then gently fold in the whipped cream using a spatula.

Assembly and finishing

Pour into pots and freeze