Sweet Spices

Grands crus Blend Caraque 56%

This Grand Cru Blend is characterized by balanced acid and slightly bitter notes that yield hints of dried fruit and strong cocoa.

Flavor Profile Sweet Spices

Secondary Notes Dry Fruits

Hint of Sweety

Product Information

Along with EXTRA BITTER and GUANAJA, this 'Mariage de Grands Crus' is one of the Valrhona icons that brought the brand's products such acclaim and instantly unveiled the rare and distinct character of a great chocolate blend. The most demanding professionals have always been drawn to this couverture, like Robert Linxe who has been singing its praises since the 1980s. "I've been using CARAQUE forever. Not too tart, not too bitter. The flavor stands up over time. And it smells heavenly!"


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MouldingBarsMousseCream mix & GanacheIce creams & sorbets


AlmondHazelnutMacadamia nutPecanCardamomCoffeeGingerNut megCaramelPuffed cereal

% of main ingredient

56% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


Cocoa 56% (min), Sugar 43%, Fat 36%

Packaging Format

3x1kg Blocks - 102
12kg box - 19850

Other feature(s)

This product may contain traces of nuts.