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345g Cake flour
115g Raw cane sugar
5g Baking powder
60g Starch
250g Salted Butter

Sift together the dry ingredients. Add the cold butter cubes and use the flat beater of a mixer to blend. Small balls/lumps will form and then transform into a rough dough. Stop mixing. Roll out immediately. Keep the dough in the refrigerator or freezer until baking time. Bake at 150°C (302°F), vent open, until it turns a warm blonde color.

Almond Cake

295g Almond powder
240g Caster sugar
435g Whole eggs
120g Dry butter 84% fat
95g Egg whites
60g Caster sugar

Use a food processor to mix the almond powder, sugar, and eggs. When lightly whipped, add the melted butter. Simultaneously, whip the egg whites and sugar. Gently blend both together. Spread out in a frame and bake at 180°C (356°F) for 15-20 minutes.

Biskélia Caramel Crémeux

200g Whipping cream 35% fat
15g Glucose
100g caster sugar
35g Dry butter 84% fat
130g BISKELIA 34%

Heat the cream and glucose. At the same time, make a dry caramel with the sugar. When it turns color, add the butter then stop the cooking by pouring in the hot cream and glucose combination. Add some of this mixture to the chocolate and mix to create a core emulsion. Continue adding the rest of the liquid gradually, blending to retain the emulsion core. Mix to complete the emulsion. Allow to crystallize in the refrigerator, preferably overnight.

Light Biskélia Mousse

500g Whole milk
20g Gelatin
930g BISKELIA 34%
1000g Whipping cream 35% fat

Bring the milk to a boil and add the hydrated gelatin. Pour approx.1/3 of the hot liquid into the melted couverture. Whisk to get a smooth, elastic, and shiny texture, a sign that the emulsion has started. Add the rest of the milk, making sure to maintain the right texture. Mix to complete the emulsion. When the mixture reaches 30-35°C (86-95°F), add the foamy whipped cream. Pour immediately. Freeze.

Absolu Spray Glaze

40g water

Bring the Absolu Cristal and water to a boil. Use in a spray gun at about 80-90°C (176-194°F).

Crunchy Biskélia Icing

700g BISKELIA 34%
70g Grape seed oil
80g Shortbread

Melt the chocolate and oil to 35°C (95°F) and add small pieces of the baked shortbread. Use immediately.

Assembly and finishing

Make the Shortbread and spread out/press out onto a 60 x 40cm tray. Bake at 150°C (302°F) for about 15 minutes. Save the baked shortbread off-cuts/extras for the Crunchy Icing. Make the Almond Cake and immediately spread 1200g onto the shortbread in the 60 x 40cm frame. Bake at 180°C (356°F) for about 15 minutes. Allow to cool without unmolding. Freeze. Prepare the Mousse and apply about 2400g to the Almond Cake. Freeze. Unmold, and then use a tip-less pastry bag to pipe lines (irregularly) of Biskélia Caramel Crémeux (approx. 400g) across the width of the frame. Place in the freezer. Spray with Absolu Glaze. Cut 3 strips, 12cm each, down the length of the frame. Then cut individual cakes, 2.5 cm wide. Use a small knife to help dip the small cakes into theCrunchyIcing. Tip: You can cut the desserts into strips and glaze the sides with a pastry bag. For the chocolate decoration, temper the Biskélia couverture. Use a tip-less pastry bag to make wavy lines on a transfer sheet. Place the decorations on the ends of the dessert fingers.