The driving force behind our business

Valrhona’s strength lies in our ability to innovate and in our relationships with the men and women around us: our farmers, our employees and our customers.

The driving force behind our business

Valrhona is part of a community. Only by innovating alongside all our stakeholders, listening to their needs and working with them can we achieve our mission: “Together, good becomes better.
We build and maintain these relationships in a variety of ways, including regular satisfaction surveys and focus groups with our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as discussions with NGOs, professional bodies and other companies.

Our objectives and progress

52% of employees

have a CSR objective by 2021

8.2% of employees

including salespeople, trained in CSR

100% of suppliers

have signed our Responsible Purchasing Charter

697,428 of donations

throughout the year

832 employees

including 421 women & 411 men

11 accidents

resulting in time off work

Commited innovation

In 2021, we launched three new products that perfectly embody Valrhona’s commitments to create a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and inspire creative and sustainable gastronomy.

Commited innovation Amatika


Valrhona's mission can only be achieved if its strategy is built and deployed in a logic of co-development and synergy with Valrhona's major stakeholders.

We involve the latter throughout our value chain, taking into account their expectations and the challenges of our businesses, starting with our employees.


As a buyer, it is Valrhona’s responsibility to understand the sector and successfully manage every different aspect of our supply chain.

We have therefore forged strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can co-create a sustainable value chain, long-lasting trust-based relationships, and a shared approach founded on continuous improvement.

Valrhona has its duty to raise suppliers’ awareness about future issues and sustainable practices, as it is this that will enable them to support our company’s development.


It is Valrhona’s responsibility to satisfy every type of customer, whatever their needs.

Valrhona’s 40,000 customers expect not just unique, top-quality products but also, in an increasing number of cases, real support and greater information about the food industry of tomorrow.

Valrhona is doing everything in its power to meet these needs by working with others to create a responsible industry, right down to the consumer level.

The Valrhona Foundation

In line with its mission statement, “Together, good becomes better”, Valrhona set up the Valrhona Foundation in 2019.

This endowment fund only finances and manages projects of public interest that fit in with its CSR policy.
Through the Foundation, all members of the Valrhona community can now come together and act as one to achieve two priorities: a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and inclusive and sustainable gastronomy.

Le Fonds Solidaire Valrhona venezuela

Our other pillars